Thursday, December 17, 2009

N.O.V.A. (Halo) for Ipod Touch

Yes, today Gameloft released a game for the iPod Touch/iPhone that is like Halo. This game rocks! I thought it would be $9.99 so I had my iTunes money ready, but it is $6.99 and worth every penny.

The controls are easy and it has auto lock aiming so if you miss a shot, it's your fault. This game is also multi-player via wifi or bluetooth and has online game play. I have already defeated Rick DeYoung and will soon take on the great Chad W. Smith.

Get N.O.V.A. from iTunes today!

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MekiMare said...

Nice post - Halo is definitely nice to have on the ipod touch! I did an extensive review on the Touch, feel free to read it here

Thanks again for blogging about this app!!!