Wednesday, October 10, 2007

World Peace

Alright, this is not a tech entry, but the entire world seems to want peace. Now pay attention while I give a simple remedy for World Peace. Here it is. The world needs one ruler and it will have peace. I'm not saying who that ruler should be, but having one person in charge is the only way we will have peace. There you go, that is my simple take on the whole "World Peace" thing. For us to be one, we have to merge together under one ruler and then a united world can have peace.


Chad said...

Well, I'm sure not everyone would like that idea. Maybe he would need some sort of way to control the people. I think that there needs to be a way that will let people show their loyalty to the one world ruler. And the mark of loyalty will be met with good stuff, like a discount at the store, while those who refuse to show their loyalty - heck, let's not even let them shop! That will show them!

Unknown said...

I really don't think one ruler will do it. As we vote on one ruler in the US and we still have nut jobs running around killing people. That is not my idea of peace. I think maybe if each one of us tried to create peace in out own back yard that would help the most. Just a thought