Thursday, January 18, 2007


What can I say about the Apple iPhone? Every body wants one. I've been waiting for a year for this phone to come out. Apple has done everything I wanted in this phone. The only thing I need them to do now is to increase the hard drive to at least 30 GB and offer it through Verizon Wireless. If I had a contract with Cingular, I would be ecstatic. I love the OS on this phone because I think Apple OSX is the best Operating System in the world. The thinness of this phone is incredible also and I was thinking about getting an Ipod, but my current phone is the Samsung i730 and it does great. This phone is better than my current phone, but if I can watch tv shows and download through itunes, then I want a bigger hard drive to store all that without sacrificing the thinness. I would be surprised and overjoyed if Apple makes another phone that meets my requirements, but until then, I'll stick to my Samsung i730. My contract end this year so I hope Apple is on the ball.

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