Netflix is a better way for me to look for dvd rentals and saves me gas money. The way is works is; you go to and sign up for 20 bucks a month plus tax. You peruse the listings of movies for rent and click right there on the big red RENT button. It goes into a queue and Netflix sends them in the US Postal mail. They send out 3 movies and when you are done watching those, you'll get the next 3 movies in your queue according to your priority that you set. Under the $20 plan, you're allowed 3 movies out at any time. You can add as many movies to the queue as you want. You can also change the priority of the movies. Let's say you have 1. Monsters Inc, 2. Shrek and 3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding in the queue and you see a new movie come out that you just can't wait for. It's pretty easy to just logon to your account and give it top priority to get to you faster. If you get a dvd that is cracked or does not play correctly, you just go on their site and mark it as damaged, send it back to them, and they send you a replacement. I love it when movies come to me.


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