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Digital Brainstorming

I know humankind has many achievements in the last decade, but I can't help but feel we are a little stagnant.  Whether you agree or disagree, God is the source of spiritual and created both spiritual and physical, then man, who is spiritual and physical created digital. I wonder what is next for man? I suppose since God became flesh through the birth of His son, we will want to enter the digital world we have created. What will that look like? I have noticed the big push to VR today and it would seem that we want to use the digital environment we created to rule and reign. I do of course see a problem with us spending too much time in the digital world without taking care of our physical world and even then we must maintain the spiritual which is the source of everything.

Back to iPad 2

I know it's been a while since I've blogged about anything, but I'm back. I have used a  number of computers in my life and have narrowed it down to what fits me best. I think that anyone looking to use tech should search for reliability and affordability. I have a 2013 11" MacBook Air and it works just as it did in 2013, but even though it is small and portable, I found myself wanting something less powerful and more portable. Like many people, I use my smartphone a majority of the time. I had an iPhone 3GS, then the iPhone 4 and decided to switch to Android because they had bigger screens. I now use an "old" Samsung Galaxy S5 and it is good enough for me but I do miss having the apps I paid for when I had an iPhone and an iPad 3 briefly before I sold it. I know the iPad sales are down and people aren't buying one every year, but I noticed my wife's iPad 2 is slow but still working. I also heard that the iPad 2 was still the most used iPad still goi