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Blackberry 8330 Curve

Yes, I know it's been a while since I've blogged, but I recently purchased a Blackberry Curve and it is a wonderful way to stay connected anywhere I go. My last phone was a touch screen pocketpc phone that I was disappointed with over time. Because of my experience, or poor experience with a touch screen phone, I didn't get the new Blackberry Storm, plus it was $100 more. If you get a Blackberry, i suggest the basic internet data plan. It is well worth it and moves at a good pace. If you're an impatient person, spend the extra money on the 3G plan. Okay, here are some things that impress me with Blackberry: 1. Email- all my email comes to my blackberry in real time 2. Apps- MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Opera, Flickr, ViiGo, and more. Having a Blackberry reduces the use of my laptop and keeps me connected wherever I go.

How Far Have We Come?

I find it interesting that we can spend £5bn on a Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to study the "big bang theory", but we can't feed the starving people in this world or find an alternative fuel to oil. Where are our priorities? Sorry, I thought human life was more important than scientific theories. Technology only improves the world a little, but love makes it brand new.

Honda Check Engine Light

I recently had a little problem with my check engine light on my 1997 4-cylinder 2.2L Honda Accord EX Sedan. The check engine light stayed on before and I new it was just an emissions problem. When the light went off, I thought it was a false alarm, but the bulb had burned out. I searched for a bulb at every auto parts store, just to find out it is a Honda only part. I went to the Honda dealership and to the parts department to order a new bulb. They pulled up a diagram and said they didn't know which one it was. I took my dash apart and brought the bulb in and they still didn't know which one it was. Finally they found it and I was able to replace the bulb, then order my EGR valve and O2 downstream sensor, but not from Honda. I found the emissions parts I needed for a good price at Advance Auto Parts. To answer some questions, the O2 sensor was the downstream also called Bank 1 sensor 2 and the bulb was Part #35505-SA5-003 for $3.87 and it is the same bulb for the high beams,

Genius G-Pen 340

I finally bought my first tablet for my computer. I heard that Wacom tablets are the best, but my budget and the fact that I have to crawl before I walk forced me to search for a lower-end tablet. I wasn't sure what tablet to look for, so I looked for something under $50. I went to a site Chad W. Smith told me about called and found the Genius G-Pen 340 for $30. I liked the price and also noticed the pen sensitivity was 1024 and some other tablets had a sensitivity of 500. I'm not sure of what that really matters to me, but I didn't want the bottom of the barrel tablet so I got this one. Last I check, no longer sell the Genius G-Pen 340, but should they carry it again, it is a great start for a tablet. My tablet works like a dream. Here are the specs: Genius G-Pen 340 3-by-4-inch Tablet with Cordless Pen Cordless pen has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity for all kinds of thickness control Pen can be used as a 2-button mouse Compact design Included so