Thursday, January 18, 2007


What can I say about the Apple iPhone? Every body wants one. I've been waiting for a year for this phone to come out. Apple has done everything I wanted in this phone. The only thing I need them to do now is to increase the hard drive to at least 30 GB and offer it through Verizon Wireless. If I had a contract with Cingular, I would be ecstatic. I love the OS on this phone because I think Apple OSX is the best Operating System in the world. The thinness of this phone is incredible also and I was thinking about getting an Ipod, but my current phone is the Samsung i730 and it does great. This phone is better than my current phone, but if I can watch tv shows and download through itunes, then I want a bigger hard drive to store all that without sacrificing the thinness. I would be surprised and overjoyed if Apple makes another phone that meets my requirements, but until then, I'll stick to my Samsung i730. My contract end this year so I hope Apple is on the ball.

Wii: Got one?

Surprise, surprise! My wife bought me a Nintendo Wii. My friend and co-worker, Chad Smith of bought it for me from Wal-mart and I gave him the money back. The Wii is truly the greatest game system ever! It takes some getting used to in the controls, but once you get the hang of it, you enjoy it and get the benefits of cardiovascular exercise. I have since got Red Steel and another Wiimote ( Wii remote). I also bought and downloaded Super Mario, Mario 64, Street Fighter II, and Zelda. Super Mario seems to be the most played game and everyone remembers hours of game playing when they were kids. I like the Wii Sports bowling game the best, because it's turn based and I'm good at it. I just started playing Red Steel and it's a good game, but I don't think it's the best. I want to get Madden 07 and Wii Play in February with the free Wiimote. We'll see how much money I can come up with.