Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sell My Touch for an i Pad?

Well, I just found out the tablet for Apple, the iPad is going to sell for around $499. I think I'll wait until it drops to $200 before I buy one. For now, I will stick with my iPod Touch. Hope everyone else buys like crazy because that will send the price down.

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Chad Smith said...

The iPad is a multitaskless, camless, phoneless, USBless, cardslotless, Flashpluginless, unpocketable, oversized, overpriced iPod Touch!

It won't ever drop to $200 (at least not new).

If you wanted to do this, I would wait about a month before you sold it, because you know it's going to be 2 months before it's available. When it is, everyone will be selling their iPod Touches - the market will be folded, and you won't get as much for it. There are also probably a lot of people selling their iPod Touches today because of the announcement.

Have fun lugging the unpocketable thing around with you.