Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Vista Xperience

I recently purchased an Acer 5610Z laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed. It has a 1.6GHZ processor, 120 GB Hard drive, and 1 GB of RAM. I played with aero and wasn't impressed. I did notice that programs seemed to run a little faster than on XP though. After a month of using Vista and running into incompatibility issues with many of my programs, I decided to go back to XP.

After I installed XP Pro on it, the sound and wifi stopped working. Thanks to the Acer website, I got the drivers and everything works great. Now, all my programs work and I don't have to buy newer ones. I recommend that everyone stay with XP until Microsoft fixes Vista. It may take a year or two, but until then, XP is the operating system of choice.


Angelo said...

Hi James, I have the exact same notebook as yours & I too have installed win XP Pro, but on a new hard drive. I have kept the Vista installation on the original drive as a just-in-case. I have looked at the device manager within Vista to see what the specific drivers are for the hardware. I have downloaded lots of the drivers from the Acer site. The only devices I am having trouble with are the netwrk controllers for both the LAN & wireless. Everything else is fine. Can you give me any guidance as to which network drivers you downloaded specifically?
Thanks, Angelo Sartore

James said...

Broadcom 10/100 LAN v4.37.0.0 and Broadcom 802.11bg Wireless LAN Driver v4.2.2.7 I had to figure that out myself since Acer's site doesn't tell you.