Monday, July 31, 2006

New Watch!

Yesterday, my wife cam home with a surprise for me. It was an Abacus Wrist PDA with Palm OS which retails at for $199. She bought it on clearance from Wal-mart for $25. Some guy returned it because it was too high tech for him. Thank you non techie person whoever you are! This is the best cheap watch ever. Here are the specs...

Palm OS® 4.1
Motorola Dragonball™ Super VZ 66MHz
8MB (RAM), 4MB (Flash)
(approximately 7.7MB RAM available)
• 160 x 160 pixels
• 16 level grayscale
• EL backlight
• Touch Screen • Address Book
• Date Book
• To Do List
• Memo Pad
• Calculator
• Time Will run most Palm OS® applications
(We recommend you use applications designed to take advantage of the special features of the Wrist PDA® such as the Rocker Switch and the larger font sets.) USB IRDA (v1.2a)
(communicates with all Palm OS® devices) Approx. 3-4 days
(Based on an average use of 30 minutes per day, with no backlight or IR. The battery life varies depending on the temperature and conditions of use.) AC power Adaptor (100V - 240V)
DC output (6V)
Lithium-ion rechargeable battery (internal) 90 day factory warranty

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