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iPad 2017

Yes, I’m still an avid iPad user. My wife bought me the 2017 iPad on sale for $250 at Target over the holidays. I briefly had a Lenovo Thinkpad and enjoyed it for a few months, but battery life seemed to really bother me. I’ve always loved the battery life on the iPad and I like the fact that it’s always ready when I open it. The new 2018 iPad has just recently been released and is a really good deal for $329 and supports the Apple Pencil which is $100 extra. I just received a Bamboo stylus for my birthday so I think that will tide me over until I decide whether I really want an iPad Pro or not. I think I will eventually move to the pro and pencil, but the price is holding me back for now. Yes, I do use the iPad as my main PC and that is why I’m considering the pro. It would really be nice if Apple puts their desktop OS on the iPad Pro, but we’ll see what happens.