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Best FTP Program for Mac

I have used FileZilla which is a great free FTP program and I have used Fetch which is a good paid FTP program, but recently I have been wanting an FTP program that offers me features I never knew I wanted. I scoured the web for an FTP program that claimed to be the best and I found Transmit . Transmit is just under $40, so it doesn't break the bank, and it works seamlessly with my Mac running Mavericks. I haven't used all the features yet and may never use them all, but I like having them available to me. So, what sold me on using Transmit FTP? First of all, I like the speed. It is very fast in opening connections to my many FTP links. Waiting for a connection? "Ain't nobody got time for dat!" The other feature that sold me on Transmit was the Amazon S3 integration. The company I work for is heavy into media storage and we have saved a lot of money by using Amazon for cloud storage, so I no longer have to login using a web browser, yay! I'll

iMovie 11 Off Screen

I recently had an issue where iMovie 11 would disappear off screen and I could not get it back. Well, here's a simple fix: On the top menu, click Window > Zoom.