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My new iPad 2012

Yes, it's been awhile since I blogged last. I will try to update more often. Well, right now I'm blogging from my new iPad. Why did I get one? Well supposedly, tablets are the future of computing and I didn't want to be left behind. Also, this is much cheaper than a new MacBook Pro. I have the new iPad or what some will call the iPad 3 and my wife has the iPad 2. I cannot really see a difference between the two devices, but future apps will work on my iPad and may not on the iPad 2. So, what do I use it for? I use my iPad for blogging, simple photo editing, email, gaming, streaming videos, and sometimes controlling a PC. Instead of buying an Xbox or PS3, I'm happy to game on the iPad. No, I'm not a serious gamer. If I were, I would use a desktop PC. While my iPad has not replaced my MacBook, I am hoping it will in the future. I love the battery life and traveling light is excellent. I think we should become more mobile in the future and not tied down to our ho