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Free at Last!

Today, I finally upgraded to the iPhone, no, not the 4, the 3GS. I was able to get the 3GS for half the price of the iPhone 4 from AT&T. I figured it was best to save money and not worry about any of the iPhone 4's issues. I'll "wait for the upgrade". I have found it best to go with stable technology and not the latest unstable technology. Companies rush their techs to put a product out with the "fix it later" attitude and they sell millions of product and make billions in revenue. It seems best to let the people who obviously have more money than I do buy all the newest technology. Being a smart consumer is knowing when to buy and when not to buy, "know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em" ideology. I must say that moving from a Blackberry Curve to an iPhone 3GS is a leap forward for me and a step in the right direction. Sorry Android people, I like my iPhone better.