Monday, February 04, 2008

Honda Check Engine Light

I recently had a little problem with my check engine light on my 1997 4-cylinder 2.2L Honda Accord EX Sedan. The check engine light stayed on before and I new it was just an emissions problem. When the light went off, I thought it was a false alarm, but the bulb had burned out. I searched for a bulb at every auto parts store, just to find out it is a Honda only part. I went to the Honda dealership and to the parts department to order a new bulb. They pulled up a diagram and said they didn't know which one it was. I took my dash apart and brought the bulb in and they still didn't know which one it was. Finally they found it and I was able to replace the bulb, then order my EGR valve and O2 downstream sensor, but not from Honda. I found the emissions parts I needed for a good price at Advance Auto Parts. To answer some questions, the O2 sensor was the downstream also called Bank 1 sensor 2 and the bulb was Part #35505-SA5-003 for $3.87 and it is the same bulb for the high beams, brake, turn signals, srs, and seat belt lights. Another thing, I noticed significant improvement in horsepower after replacing the O2 sensor as well as much better gas mileage.