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Time for a New Controller

I think it's high time I bought a new game controller for my computer. My current one is a Gravis Gamepad Pro which I don't think they make any more. I don't even think Gravis is a company nowadays. I've seen a wireless controller at Wal-mart for $20 and I'm thinking about getting that one, but I don't know what the name brand is. Oh yeah, the reason I'm getting a new controller is the Gravis Gamepad Pro's drivers work for awhile, then stop working after a day or so. There is no support for my controller, and I've had it for about 5 years so I will have to spend the money for a new controller.

My Vista Xperience

I recently purchased an Acer 5610Z laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium pre-installed. It has a 1.6GHZ processor, 120 GB Hard drive, and 1 GB of RAM. I played with aero and wasn't impressed. I did notice that programs seemed to run a little faster than on XP though. After a month of using Vista and running into incompatibility issues with many of my programs, I decided to go back to XP. After I installed XP Pro on it, the sound and wifi stopped working. Thanks to the Acer website , I got the drivers and everything works great. Now, all my programs work and I don't have to buy newer ones. I recommend that everyone stay with XP until Microsoft fixes Vista. It may take a year or two, but until then, XP is the operating system of choice. rumor

I heard a rumor that Chad W. Smith of is selling his Macbook. Yes, this is the infamous Mackbook from his Youtube video. I wonder who will be the first to buy it? Anyway, you heard it here first. Chad W. Smith Macbook for sale to the highest bidder. What will he sell next, Your guess is just as good as mine.