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FearNet is Here!

The new FearNet Horror channel released today! You can find it on Comcast Cable OnDemand>Free Movies>FearNet. I'm watching it now.

University of Tennessee

UT seems to be quite the football team this year. I hope the QB can keep his composure and take the SEC championship this year. Some blood is red but in Tennessee, our blood runs orange!


I'm still working towards mastering the Flash program. My progress seems a little slow, but I'm hoping to become an advanced user one day.

Apple Cell phone?

Will Apple release a cell phone? I saw a video on google video . If Apple releases a phone like this, I will have to have it. I want an Apple pda phone with digital video camera and a huge display. The perfect pda phone.


It seems that as I get older, I cannot stay up as late and I get up earlier. Why is that?

Wedding Planning

I recently visited a wedding site called Wedding Strategies. I wish I had all the information they offer before I got married. Here are a few things this site offers: Wedding Ceremony Whether you need to begin planning the catering, location or budget for your wedding ceremony -- this is where you should begin! Wedding Reception Start planning all the details of your wedding reception -- from decorations and favors for guests to the ever important wedding budget! Win a $50,000 Wedding! With Wedding Strategies & Consumer Expressions you can enter our free sweepstakes for the Wedding of Your Dreams worth $50,000! Fashion & Beauty Make sure that you, your fiance and the entire wedding party looks great with our beauty tips, dresses, gowns and men's formal wear. Wedding Cake & Favors Plan your wedding's scrumptious details with our wedding cake resources and tips to provide great party favors for guests! Wedding Traditions Make your ceremony stand out by acknowledging

Lazy Day

Today felt like a lazy day I enjoyed doing absolutely nothing... except blogging and watching a little TV, and reading some online trivia.

I had a dream

I had a weird dream last night, and I don't usually remember dreams at all. It was about three big white guys at a tattoo parlor. Two of them already had their tattoos done and in color. The last one was on the table getting his done and he was in pain, while the others were yelling out of excitement. When he was done, I read the tattoo and it said " Blitzkrieg ", but was not in color. Weird dream. I looked up that word, "blitzkrieg" and it is a German word for " lightning war " or " flash war ". What could it mean? Will there be a flash war on the United States ?

Online Coupons

I found this great website, . They have the best coupons and online codes to save me money. Because of the high sales tax in my state, I basically get items tax free with these online codes and coupons. Here are some of my favorites stores that I shop both online and off: Target , The Home Depot , and Kohls Choose from the following anchor text: coupons, coupon codes, online coupons, promotion codes, etc.

Ipod Virus

I thought it was interesting that Apple's Ipods had a virus. They say it came from a Windows computer at the main plant. They also say that any antivirus program will get rid of the virus. I understand they had to have a Windows PC to test compatibility with a PC, but why didn't they get a Windows person to use it? If they had, the Windows person would have installed an antivirus program and there wouldn't be a problem.


The AFFL (American Fantasy Football League) is a great way to have fun playing fantasy football and to win some extra spending cash. You pay a little money to win big money. Why not play fantasy football to win cash? Fantasy Football


Is television primarily a waste of time or is it actually educational? I guess it depends on what one watches on TV. I challenge everyone to watch TV to learn and not for entertainment for one day and see how it changes you.

Next Phone

What will my next phone be? My current phone is the Samsung I-730 . I get the opportunity to upgrade next year. I hope Verizon offers an even better phone by then, otherwise I guess I'll settle for the Samsung I-830 World phone.


If I haven't said it before, do not settle for anything less than a Honda. I own a '97 Honda Accord Ex and it is a great ride. Why spend alot of money on a car which depreciates in value and doesn't have a dependable engine? Get a Honda!