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Business Trip

Today, I took a long trip to Chi town. Chicago is okay, but I don't think I would want to live here. It seems too industrial for me. I like places that have hills and mountains and beautiful scenery. I do like the technology in big cities, but I'd rather have the nice surroundings rather than nice technology.

Nothing Much

Today was a quick day. I worked, went shopping, and ate. Oh, yeah Chad from is searching for a new ride, possibly a Honda Civic. I hope he gets it. Go Chad !

Blog for Today

Seeing that no one really reads my blogs, I guess I can say anything. I wish this world was at peace instead of being at war. You know, love not hate. If only peace was obtained by everyone in their being simultaneously, then we could have peace.

Samsung I730 Upgrade

I found out Verizon Wireless released an update for the Samsung I-730 on their website and didn't even tell the customers. The ugrade is from Wimdows Mobile 2003 to Windows Mobile 5. My phone works so much better now. Before it would freeze up and it didn't come with any way to add ringers or pics to my phone book, but WM5 has it all. I am very pleased with the upgrade and I no longer feel left behind. Upgrading will delete all information on your device, so backup first. If you have a Samsung I-730 running Windows Mobile 2003 download this upgrade.

The Computer Warehouse Inc

My friend Chad W. Smith of told me about a website where I can buy electronics at a fraction of the cost via COD. Check them out at