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New Watch!

Yesterday, my wife cam home with a surprise for me. It was an Abacus Wrist PDA with Palm OS which retails at for $199. She bought it on clearance from Wal-mart for $25. Some guy returned it because it was too high tech for him. Thank you non techie person whoever you are! This is the best cheap watch ever. Here are the specs... Palm OS® 4.1 Motorola Dragonball™ Super VZ 66MHz 8MB (RAM), 4MB (Flash) (approximately 7.7MB RAM available) • 160 x 160 pixels • 16 level grayscale • EL backlight • Touch Screen • Address Book • Date Book • To Do List • Memo Pad • Calculator • Time Will run most Palm OS® applications (We recommend you use applications designed to take advantage of the special features of the Wrist PDA® such as the Rocker Switch and the larger font sets.) USB IRDA (v1.2a) (communicates with all Palm OS® devices) Approx. 3-4 days (Based on an average use of 30 minutes per day, with no backlight or IR. The batt

Pay Per Post

Image This is a promotional video. I do not mind being paid for blogging. I wonder what else I could get paid for...

My Favorite TV Channel

Yeah, I know it's weird, but my favorite channel is Animal Planet. I like seeing animals in their habitat and not in mine.

The Hills

My wife loves to watch MTV. She especially likes the show, The Hills. These people have no concept of "real life". I think they should take the people from The Hills and put them in Compton. That would make for great reality tv.

Have you driven a Honda?

I have a 2.2 Liter 1997 Honda Accord Ex Sedan that I bought for $3000 from a friend. I have to replace a few things like shocks, EGR valve, and driver's side axle, but it's still a great car. I replaced the axle recently and my next task will be to replace the shocks for a smooth ride. I really like the 1994-1997 body style. It seems after those years Honda went nuts. First, they went for bigger, curvier body styles and now they are smaller and cheap looking. Someone at Honda needs to be fired. Let me create the body styles.

Me as a South Park Character

Yeah, that's me... problem?!

8 Versions of Windows Vista - but why?

There are going to be not 1, not 2, not even 3, but EIGHT freaking versions of Windows Vista, ranging from Vista Starter to Ultimate Vista (no, I'm not making that up). As if XP Home wasn't enough of a waste as it is!

Chad works really hard on this website. He has also generated alot of traffic. Someone should buy it from him.


Is it me or does television exist just to show the same shows over and over. What if there was a tv channel that never aired re-runs?

Nothing Much

Nothing much today. Bored.

Apple is the Best!

I personally plan to switch all my computers over from Windows to Apple since I can run everything on the new apple computers. Now if only I could fund the money to do so.

Open Source

In my opinion, most software online should be open source. We should have the freedom to develop programs and to use them.


Emulators are cool and people that make them are even cooler.